Issaquah Education Association

Serving Educators in the Issaquah School District.
Striving to enhance the professionalism of our members through member advocacy, political action, organizing and leadership development.

Your Local Association is here to serve you. Please feel free to call the office (425 392-2126 or 425 628-0750) if you have any questions about your assignment, evaluation, or your Collective Bargaining Agreement (Contract)
Our office is open from 8:30am to 4:30 daily and you can contact us by phone or email any time.
Doug Jones – IEA President email me

IEA Master Calendar of Events - IEA events, Building Meetings, Important Contractual Dates

The 2017-18 Collective Bargaining Agreement is now posted on our web site under Your Contract/Benefits

Important Links: State and Private sites Calendar of Upcoming Dates
  • Dec. 8 -Next Overload Trigger Date for Elementary and Middle Schools
  • Dec. 13 -Elementary Compensatory Day, Elementary staff may leave when the busses have departed.
  • Dec. 20 -Staff may leave when the busses have departed.
  • Dec. 21 -Start of First Winter Break
  • Jan. 2 -Classes resume
  • Jan. 2 -Last day for staff to submit credits and clock hours for placement on the District Seniority List for 2017-18
  • Jan. 2 -Nominations open for IEA Officers Positions (President, Vice-President, Specialist Rep. and Diversity Rep. along with nominations for WEA Rep Assembly (April) and NEA Rep Assembly (July)


  • WEA Children’s Fund Charity

    The goal of the WEA Children’s Fund is to help meet the modest and immediate needs of students encountered by WEA members in their daily workplaces. The intent is to ensure that the physical, social and emotional needs of students do not stand in the way of success within the school setting.

    The Children’s Fund reimburses WEA members who buy items to meet some of these basic needs of their students. Every gift counts, no matter the size of the gift. Thank you for your generosity in helping the Children’s Fund help children.
    Click on the read more link below to donate to the Children’s Fund.
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