2017-18 pay increases: 

  • 2.3% Cost of Living Increase on the State Base
  • 5% increase in the Additional Responsibility Contract (ARC, 21.75% of the Base) (6% actual increase in ARC includes rolling PDP compensation into ARC)
  • 3% increase by the addition of a Commitment Stipend (3% of the Base) 

Compensation Documents

Per Diem Days: six (6) days total

  • Most staff have four (4) paid days prior to school beginning (Special Education, Counselors, and other Specialists may have additional days or hours) and two (2) paid non-student day during the school year. These days will be identified on your paycheck as your “Per Diem” pay as all six (6) of these days are paid at your per diem rate with the pay being spread over your twelve (12) month contract. These days are required work days and staff have their usual access to negotiated leaves as per the contract.

Longevity Stipend

  • Staff who have thirty (30) years or more in Washington State service and who are eligible for retirement will receive a $1000 annual payment as an incentive for not retiring. If a staff member becomes eligible during a year, the incentive will be prorated. If a staff member, who has received the incentive, retires during the year, the staff member will repay all of the incentive s/he received that year. Staff who believe they are eligible should forward a copy of their Department of Retirement Service Credit Record to Betsy Meador in Personnel Services. Deadline to submit the required documentation in order to receive the stipend during the current year is June 30th.