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Issaquah School District Levies

WEA-PAC stay informed, take action!

What is WEA-PAC?
  • “PAC” stands for “Political Action Committee.” WEA-PAC membership costs only $2.25 per month. The money is used to support pro-education political candidates, regardless of their political affiliation
  • In the past, teachers asked the state and the legislature to improve education funding and to increase compensation for public school employees. For the most part, they got nothing.
  • A few years ago, teachers got smarter and came to the realization that if significant change was to occur, they would have to make it happen.
  • The WEA Political Action Committee’s main focus is to support pro-education legislators. IEA encourages all members to join WEA-PAC. Forms are available from building reps, the IEA office or may be downloaded here. Simply send or deliver the form to the IEA office (not through district mail) to become a WEA-PAC member.
Why Should I Join?

There is a lot at stake.

Electing pro-education candidates helps us have pro-education policy makers, that support things like fully funding education, smaller class sizes, professional and competitive wages, collective bargaining rights, affordable health care, common sense testing. For more information about WEA-PAC check out the resources below:
How to Join:

Print the WEA-PAC Payroll Authorization form to join WEA-PAC. 
Return it to your union building rep or mail it to: Issaquah Education Association, PO Box 1337, Issaquah, WA 98027.

Or if you prefer,
Complete this membership form and make a lump sum contribution (via check, cash, or Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT).)

  • No one knows better what works in our classrooms than teachers and education employees!
  • By contributing to WEA-PAC, you help make certain that the people who make decisions about public school funding understand and support our issues.
  • WEA-PAC gives us a united voice!
  • Together, we can work to ensure that those elected to our state legislature fulfill their paramount duty of amply funding public education.
  • We all believe in making public education the best it can be for today’s children and for generations to come.
  • By contributing to WEA-PAC you can impact changes that will ensure that our children have a bright future in our public schools.
  • Our children deserve quality educators and support personnel teaching and working in safe, secure facilities.
  • Every child deserves a quality learning environment and a quality teacher. Your contributions will help ensure our Legislature understands the needs of our children and supports their futures.
  • Our children deserve class sizes that provide an optimal environment for learning.
  • Your WEA-PAC contributions can impact positive change and help in the battle to ensure adequate funding for our schools.
  • Who better to have a voice in determining education policy than you?
  • As a WEA-PAC contributor you play an important role in ensuring that education policy reflects the needs of our schools and our children